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Ron Wunrow

Ron Wunrow served the River Falls School District for more than 34 years. Ron was hired as a biology teacher and assistant football coach in 1960. The adjacent outdoor athletic fields at current Meyer Middle School were dedicated in his name a month before his passing in 1994. It was a fitting tribute to Ron where he spent eighteen consecutive football seasons as either assistant or head football coach. The baseball field there is the result of his resurrecting a dormant baseball program in 1963. Wunrow Field is where he spent countless hours turning what once was used for farming into the present day configuration of football, baseball and soccer fields. Wunrow Field is where he also taught many River Falls youth the life lessons only learned by participating in team sports. Coach Wunrow believed that regardless of the score at the end of the game, there is no failure as long as you could look yourself in the mirror and say that you gave it your best shot.

Ron served in many capacities at River Falls High School: assistant and head football coach, head wrestling coach, head baseball coach, biology teacher, driving instructor, class advisor, “R" club advisor, assistant principal and athletic director.

Ron gladly performed the tasks that needed to be done so the coaches could focus on their job of coaching. Tasks like painting the lines on a field, washing uniforms and sweeping the basketball court at half time were not uncommon.

While serving the district as athletic director, male sports offered grew from 3 to 10 and female sports offered went from 0 to 8. In 1993, Ron was recognized by the Wisconsin DPI with a certificate as an advocate for equality in male and female athletics. In the same year he was named the District III and the State of Wisconsin Athletic Director of the year.

Throughout his career at the River Falls High School, Ron had many duties and responsibilities, however his top priority was always focused on the kids. He would be the first to acknowledge their efforts and accomplishments as individuals and as a team. Ron strived to provide his teams with an environment where they were able to work hard, play hard, succeed and fail, win and lose and most importantly, grow and learn. He challenged his students to learn outside of the books and classroom. Biology was best taught in the out of doors. Shortly before his death, Ron was interviewed by a local reporter and he was quoted: "There was not a day that I did not enjoy going to work." In some ways it seems he passed on at a young age of 59. In many ways it is evident his was a life well spent.